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HDG has been providing wireless solutions and services for more than 25 years. From concept to production and every step in between, HDG has successfully deployed and managed an assortment of IoT solutions.

MobileXus Middleware

MobileXus is completely owned, built and operated by Hilton Development Group. This gives us the unique advantage of creating custom interfaces to existing backend solutions, rather than changing the flow of business to implement an M2M solution. Let us incorporate our solution into your current flow of business.

  • Use with existing portal

  • Connect assets to your back-end quickly

  • Reduced development time


MonitorPoint can provide you with the functionality of multiple systems, all on the same dashboard. From vehicles to pumps and tank levels to cycle times, you can see them all.

  • No development cost

  • No downtime for your business

  • Start monitoring today

Custom Remote Monitoring

With nothing more than an idea for a potential solution, HDG will provide a detailed solution plan that outlines all the components and suggestions for your company to add value, keeping your business needs at the core of the solution.

  • 35 years of wireless experience

  • Custom web and mobile apps

  • End-to-end or partial solution architecture

Solution Management

From beginning to end, HDG Solutions Management will be there to manage your business' IoT solution.

  • Wireless Hardware

    • Activation

    • Provisioning​

  • Wireless connectivity service

  • Account management

  • Hardware accessories and bundling

IoT Consulting

Consulting services are available at an hourly rate and include the following items:

  • Hardware and Wireless network options

  • Business needs evaluation

  • Partner suggestions

  • Overall solutions design

Business System Integration

HDG has experience integrating with a variety of widely used business systems, allowing you to eliminate the headaches of using multiple solutions.

Contact us to find out how we can integrate with the system you already know and love.

Providing a Complete Suite of IoT Solutions
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