MobileXus Advanced Platform


  • Getting the data

    • Cellular and Wi-Fi networks

    • Custom networks

  • We support

    • Multi-protocols

    • Messaging platforms

    • Network management

Conversion & Formatting

  • Turns bits and bytes into

    • Useful business data

    • Info for preventitive support

  • Multi-platform data formatting

    • Utilize graphs, charts and number displays

Data Storage

  • Stored data in our system

    • Real time information retrieval

    • Historical Analysis

    • Cloud storage for anytime access to data


Access & Presentation

  • Data is collected and converted to business useful information

    • View data on our stock, web or mobile apps

    • Custom designed apps for your business


  • Reduces Large learning curve for integration

  • Expedites business benefit, solution deployment

  • Wide Device Support, Networks, Connectivity

  • Repeatable data patterns and Solutions

  • Standard access and Presentation of the information

  • Web Services, Web Applications, Storage and Retrieval


  • More efficient use of remote assets

  • Drives increased ROI

  • Reduce downtime of remote assets

  • Reduces service interruption, keeps business running

  • Quickly respond to changing environment

  • Remote command and control of business critical assets

Providing a Complete Suite of IoT Solutions

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Since 1995, Hilton Development Group, Inc. has been developing leading edge wireless solutions targeted towards consumer and business needs. Over the past 10 years, our focus has shifted to the emerging Internet of Things market. We have built our company around the principles of providing comprehensive solutions with the most customer benefit. We understand the needs of companies looking to deploy IoT solutions, which is why we have designed our solutions to be simple and straightforward, yet robust and powerful enough to handle the most demanding projects.