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MobileXus Advanced Platform


  • Getting the data

    • Cellular and Wi-Fi networks

    • Custom networks

  • We support

    • Multi-protocols

    • Messaging platforms

    • Network management

Conversion & Formatting

  • Turns bits and bytes into

    • Useful business data

    • Info for preventitive support

  • Multi-platform data formatting

    • Utilize graphs, charts and number displays

Data Storage

  • Stored data in our system

    • Real time information retrieval

    • Historical Analysis

    • Cloud storage for anytime access to data


Access & Presentation

  • Data is collected and converted to business useful information

    • View data on our stock, web or mobile apps

    • Custom designed apps for your business


  • Reduces Large learning curve for integration

  • Expedites business benefit, solution deployment

  • Wide Device Support, Networks, Connectivity

  • Repeatable data patterns and Solutions

  • Standard access and Presentation of the information

  • Web Services, Web Applications, Storage and Retrieval


  • More efficient use of remote assets

  • Drives increased ROI

  • Reduce downtime of remote assets

  • Reduces service interruption, keeps business running

  • Quickly respond to changing environment

  • Remote command and control of business critical assets

Providing a Complete Suite of IoT Solutions
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